Need help to teach your struggling learner? 
Have you ever wondered if you are "failing your child"?   
I have helped many home school parents like                    you who felt the same way!

I focus on learning disabilities in reading, writing, spelling, and math; language and auditory processing, and high-function autism.

I wrote "Teaching a Child with Special Needs at Home and   at School: Strategies and Tools that Really Work!" to teach you what really works for children with various special needs!  I packed in many effective and useful ideas, strategies, and teaching tips drawn from my 30 years of experience and research. 

I want to share these treasures with you and give you the practical help you have been looking for! I can encourage you, educate you about your child's struggles, and equip you to help your child. This book is just for you.

Available from Westbow Press, (both Kindle and softcover),, and Barnes and Noble.

This is a highly readable resource and a guide for anyone who teaches a child with learning disabilities or high-functioning autism or Asperger's, whether you are a teaching parent or classroom teacher. This book  WILL help you strengthen your instructional skills, whether or not your child has special needs.