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If you are visiting this page, it's likely you are seeking help because you are teaching a child who has unique challenges. You have come to the right place!  For over 30 years, I have been committed to supporting children who struggle with learning and struggle to show what they have learned.

The past 17 years of my teaching career have been devoted to equipping parents who have sought my help to teach children for whom learning does not come easily. When I began the book, I thought I was writing my book only for homeschooling parents of children with a variety of special needs. Soon, I realized that there are many classroom teachers who also face the challenge of teaching a child who cannot keep up.

There is a need for effective, easy-to-use strategies and teaching skills that do not demand a lot of time to learn or implement. That's what you will find here.

You can read some reviews of the book, and see the table of contents. You can also take a look inside the book on the Amazon book page by clicking the "Look Inside" link above the book cover image. You can also preview the book on the Google Books page by clicking the "Preview this book" link below the book cover image.

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