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Workshops where Judi presented

In every workshop, Judi shares easy-to-apply strategies, study skills and teaching tools essential to effective learning for reading comprehension, writing, spelling and basic arithmetic skills.  She teaches participants teaching strategies that are easy to learn and requires very little planning time!  Judi encourages participants with these simple and powerful ways to improve the effectiveness of your teaching and the performance of your student. Call or email Judi if you are interested in having Judi as a speaker at an upcoming event. 

  •Greater Roanoke Home Educators
meeting in April 2013

 • Home Educators Association of Virginia
        Presenter at annual conventions, Richmond, June, 2003-2008, 2010-2016

 • Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) of Louisiana,
Baton Rouge, April 20-21, 2012  
 • Homeschool Success Seminar, for Home Educators Association of Virginia, April 12, 2011, Richmond

 • LDS Eastern Home Educators Conference, Southern Virginia University, Buena Vista, May 2011.
 • Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii 2010   annual convention, Honolulu, March 12-13

 • Learning Disabilities Association National Convention, Baltimore, February 20, 2010

 • Louisiana Homeschoolers annual convention, Baton Rouge, April, 2009


In her workshops, Judi shares easy-to-apply strategies, study skills, and essential teaching tools for effective learning in reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and basic arithmetic skills.  She emphasizes using a teaching approach that is easy to learn and requires very little additional time!  Judi will encourage you with these simple and powerful ways to improve the effectiveness of your teaching and the performance of your student. 


1.      Why Isn’t My Child Making Progress? 

When a child continues to struggle with academics and fails to progress, parents naturally question their own teaching skills.  More often than not, the real problem lies elsewhere.  Parents need to know whether the child’s struggles are due to a possible learning disability, their own teaching approach, or problems caused by the textbook itself.  Participants learn to distinguish between warning signs that indicate it is necessary to seek a professional evaluation versus indicators that do not indicate a need for outside help. 


2.      Choosing and Using Curriculum (Part I)   Curriculum that works for one child sometimes proves a poor match for another – especially when a student  has special needs. Parents will learn essential principles choose textbooks and curriculum appropriate for each child's unique needs.  Parents will learn how to calculate the reading difficulty level of books and make informed decisions for purchasing texts and practice materials. They will also learn how to recognize, select, and use educational software programs that truly teach – not merely entertain.  


3.      Choosing and Using Curriculum (Part II) -- Modifications and Accommodations Parents will learn how to compensate for less-than-ideal curriculum, texts, tests, and workbooks.  Judi teaches specific strategies parents can apply that modify curriculum materials that are not working well for a child. Participants will learn the difference between modifications and accommodations.  Judi teaches highly effective and easy-to-use instructional techniques that individualize instruction for special needs students.


4.      Students with Communication Challenges and Language-Based Learning Disabilities.    There are many students who struggle with oral and/or written communication, some of whom are on the autism spectrum. Such language challenges can limit a child’s ability to acquire, understand, use, and/or retrieve information – in school and in the home. Participants will learn how to present appropriate instruction for students with language-based LD and learn to use alternatives that assess a child’s learning that do not require lengthy advance lesson planning. This is a very nuts-and-bolts workshop loaded with practical tips and information.


5.      Principles of Effective Instruction.  This workshop equips participants with a toolkit of research-based strategies for teaching efficiently and effectively.  This workshop offers a condensed introduction to the best of university level "teacher preparation" classes!   Parents will learn of examples found in the Bible of God's effective teaching strategies when He teaches us. These principles can be powerful guidelines for daily classroom instruction. No advance teaching preparation is required to adopt and implement these “power tools.”