HIS Place

HIS Place for Help in School is a website with unique, high-quality resources expressly designed to help parents of children with special needs. You will find informative articles and resources for:
  • Learning disabilities 
  • Autism spectrum and Asperger’s
  • Special education students' rights and advocacy
  • Practical helps for teaching and working with the special learner. 
What we believe makes this site unique is the strong combination of basic principles with excellence in the accuracy and quality of research-validated resource material. Our mission is to bring forth to the public marketplace those truths derived from discovery and research in education – revealing God's principles applied to society. Where those findings reflect a Biblical world-view, we freely give Him praise. This site also includes information that does not directly attribute its origin to God whenever it is a valid and significant source of help and blessing. This site is HIS Place, and it is intended to provide Help in School for your child.

Visit www.helpinschool.net for articles, resource links, and teaching tips.