Book Reviews for "Teaching A Child With Special Needs"

June 25, 2018  Reading this book changed my worldview about special needs kids—including my own.  I see them differently now—with more knowledge, compassion and understanding.  This thorough book has abundant, excellent “how to” advice for parent teachers and vocational teachers as well as plenty of big picture guidance. If you want to get into the world of a special needs child and make a difference, here is your passport. 

Scott A. Woodruff, Esq.


I would first like to thank you for the countless phone conversations and the gift of your time to me regarding my "little man". Because of you I have been able to breathe and accept what God has blessed me with. The last time we spoke, we discussed meeting to go over curriculum for the up-coming year. I have since purchased your new book and am so impressed at your ability to transfer your knowledge in such a user friendly way! I feel as if I'm sitting with you discussing all of these things. I plan on finishing this book before I meet with you so that I will have a foundation of information to draw from. I pray that you will be able to continue to minister as there is such need but if not you have written a most helpful book!  W.C. 

March 8:   I am a parent of a dyslexic. I am loving your book! I've been working with my dyslexic daughter for 6 years and figured out a lot of what you mention in the book, but your book will help shorten the learning curve. I'm going to post about your book on a few FB groups that have large parent audience. I think it helps to hear how good it is from someone other than you. Fantastic job on the book!   S.C. 

March 1: Special Needs Book Review:The Special Needs Book Review website has posted a new review of my book. Lorna has also posted some sample selections from the book to browse!  Check it out at  (scroll down the page to read the article!) 

100% 5-star reviews on Amazon so far!

This is my new "Go to" book for homeschooling! If someone had placed this book in my hands when I started homeschooling (over 10 years ago) I wouldn't have had to "reinvent the wheel" for each phase of homeschooling I encountered. The information and resources found in Judith Munday's book would have given me a foundation and confidence in my approach. I know many moms who deal with periods of self-doubt in their approach and ability to homeschool. Munday's book is foundational. No need for self-doubt with a resource such as this! It starts with basic information on teaching and ends with technological resources that are imperative for a student's success in today's world. It contains a wealth of effective educational strategies from cover-to-cover. Creative approaches for designing a homeschool that is "custom-fit" for each child is detailed in easy to understand steps.

As a former school counselor (k-12) I would use this book professionally. It is a great resource for detailing testing information, individual educational plans (IEP's,) and learning styles, just to name a few. In my opinion, this would be the "educational bible" (so to speak) for all parents, whether they homeschool or not!

Hats off to Ms. Munday for writing a book that is relevant and helpful for all parents! She not only understands parental concerns, but she truly understands kids! Isn't that what it is all about .....helping a child succeed educationally and in life?

Tina Alt Liong, MA, LPC.

from L.C. in Colorado (February 18)
My 9-year old daughter was diagnosed at age 3 years old with a rare speech disorder called Childhood Apraxia of Speech (severe).  She is verbal now but still needs speech therapy.  Currently, we are homeschooling and just found out she has a severe language disability and ADHD.  I am reading your book, "Teaching a Child with Special Needs at Home and at School" and it feels like it was written for her and about her.  I love your book!  "Ms. Munday's book is practical, applicable and highly readable. She teaches the HOW and the WHY."

Amazon Reviews

"...clear thinking and practical ideas that will help parents and teachers alike."

" easy-to-use manual, written in a conversational tone, which will give you a toolkit of ideas for a plethora of challenges that the student with special needs faces."

"She [Judi] goes beyond the process of simply relaying information, as any encyclopedia can do, by taking the knowledge she has gained, mixing in a generous helping of personal experiences and relatable stories, shaping the entire batch into something beautiful, and serving it like a friend who has invited you to share a loaf of freshly baked bread."

Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Overall, this is an exceptional resource to have on hand if you teach a special needs learner. I would high recommend this to my special needs mom friends and teachers. It is well written in an easy to read format with an easy to navigate design that works well for our busy lifestyle. The strategies are easy to implement and just make sense. You aren’t left asking “why” you should do what is being suggested because the author explains why everything works. This is a great resource to have on hand!

Dr. Glen Koonce, Chair, Educational Leadership Programs, Regent University:

The book is an exceptional tool for beginning teachers and parents and a super refresher tool for veteran teachers. The material was presented in a clear visual format with good titles and subtitles and I thought the highlighted boxed areas were great eye catchers with good information. It’s a good parent resource tool for working with not only an LD student but others with mild learning challenges and really all students in general. I felt the strategies offered were not just for the classroom setting or working on school work but were teaching life lessons and day to day strategies for everyday tasks. Great extra resources were listed.

In the book, there is a good explanation of a Student Educational Plan for home use which would be important to help a parent have a goal oriented program for their child.

I felt that Judi did a great job in guiding the parent through a "how to guide" to contact licensed professionals if strategies and progress isn't being made with the child.

I learned so much more about the special needs population. I always read forwards, dedications, prefaces, introductions, bios, etc. Your book seemed to contain them all, including your “Personal Journey” at the end.  I was impressed and inspired by the stories and your compelling commitment to the field and to your Christian faith! It is apparent that you teach from the heart and consider the hearts of others.  Job well done!!!!!

 Pre-Publication Book Reviews

Faith Berens, M.Ed./Reading Specialist, Special Needs Consultant, Home School Legal Defense Association

Judith Munday has drawn upon her 30-plus years of teaching and consulting experience to create a very practical toolkit for parents and educators. This book is full of research-based strategies and teaching ideas, to include ways to accommodate and modify assignments and curricula, which will help students be successful.  I know homeschooling parents will especially appreciate the sections on evaluating student work and using rubrics and graphic organizers! This is a must-have resource for parents who are homeschooling struggling learners.

Mary Scarlato, PhD

"This book is an amazing resource for those teaching children with specialized instructional needs.  From her vast learning and rich experiences, Judi Munday presents a direct teaching approach that incorporates solid and engaging strategies that are easy to apply across foundational and academic areas.  Her added focus on assistive technology and electronic learning resources make this a great book for parents and all teachers working with children with exceptional learning needs.” 

Kathy Kuhl, speaker, author, Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner.

Judith Munday is an expert in teaching children with learning disabilities. In Teaching the Child with Special Needs Students at Home and School, she shares clear thinking and practical ideas that will help parents and teachers alike.  With her years of experience, depth of knowledge, and heart to help children who struggle and their parents, she will educate and encourage you through this book.  

Lee Magryta. Licensed Director with Classical Conversations in Michigan, and Founder of Gentle Families.  Lee is a home-centered classical educator of four children over 17 years.   

“Whether the diverse educational pathway of the exceptional child is formed through public, private, home-centered, classical, or distance education, the strategies and tools in Teaching the Child with Special Needs at Home and at School will prepare teachers and advocates to counter a doubtful culture through responsible student education. Teachers within each pathway will be stirred into action by master teacher Judith Munday’s deep insight and practical principles of learning. This book respects the diversity of parental choices for their students. It offers the instructional tools for each of us to fine tune our master teaching skills, as well as the tools to monitor and engage our students to prepare them for the 21st Century and the greater good of our society, regardless of the educational situate, or student abilities and needs.”

Dr. George Selig. Ed.D., Distinguished Chair of Educational Leadership; Former Provost, Regent University

I have reviewed Judi Munday's book and find it to be very relevant for parents and teachers.  Mrs. Munday has packaged together some very solid research-based strategies that can markedly increase one’s effectiveness as they attempt to help the hard-to-teach student who may be having difficulty learning.  This book is a “must read” for those who are confronted with trying to find a better way to reach students who have learning difficulties.  It is a straightforward book chock full of strategies and approaches proven to be successful!  I recommend it most highly.