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Helping Developmentally Delayed Learner

posted Dec 7, 2016, 2:12 PM by LD Teacher
A mom on Facebook asked for help for her seven year old child whose developmental level was equivalent to a six to nine month old child.  She wondered whether she needs to start keeping records when he turns 7.  Am I able to chose our activities based on his cognitive abilities. I mean, independent reading, writing and math are not ever going to be doable for him. Do I have to utilize a formal curriculum with him?
I responded: Besides the great resources at HSLDA, please look into the www.Nathhan.com group that supports parents of children with more severe developmental delays. While you are on their site, look for the book The IEP Manual by Debbie and Jim Mills. It will help you construct an individualized educational plan that you can use both to guide your instruction and provide the accountability at the end of each school year. Debbie raised a child with multiple mental disabilities and realized that many of the life and functional skills she was teaching him actually were his "educational curriculum." She has divided the goals by skill topics (such as communication, self-care, etc.) and then sorted by age-developmental sequence. So if your child is at below age 2 level, you would look in that age grouping and select from the key skill topics to select a few goals that you'd like to focus on in the coming school year. Yes, they are not academic - but it's the education he needs! Please check it out - it will help give you focus and a means of accountability! Don't get overwhelmed - be selective!!