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How to handle siblings when younger child excels above the older child!

posted Jan 24, 2017, 8:39 AM by LD Teacher
Are you wondering how to deal with a child who is behind and a younger sibling who is ahead in their schooling to the point where they will pass up the older one?

This situation is so very typical - I know that does not make it altogether easier to walk thru on a daily basis, but let me assure you that you are far from alone! There are a couple of easy-to-use teaching tools that may help you advance your less challenged child and leave you time to address your struggling learner. I have put an entire chapter in my new book on a topic called "Bloom's Taxonomy". Please don't freak at the technical name. It's a totally cool way of adapting questions you ask to suit your child's actual ability level. The chapter spells out the chart (altho you can look it up online too.) I suggest tips on how to teach kids with different abilities (which I had to do all the 15 years I spent in Christian and public school.) The best part is that once you get the "system" in your mind, you don't need to find lots of outside resources, supplementary books, or even spend lots of time on lesson plans. Let me give an example to illustrate. Let's say you had just taught a lesson on the parts of a plant and you want to check your child's understanding. You could ask your challenged child to point to the three primary parts (e.g. leaf, stem, roots). You switch to ask your more capable child to tell you HOW the plant carries water to the leaves. You taught one lesson, but you adjusted the difficulty for each one's ability. Pointing is easier than answering 'how."