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Is dysgraphia a "medical condition"?

posted Jun 28, 2017, 9:47 AM by LD Teacher
A recent posting on Facebook asked is a medical condition.  Dysgraphia is a condition that falls under the huge umbrella of the Americans with Disabilities Act, even if it is not officially noted as a "medical condition".  I'm not sure who is saying it's not something that can be "diagnosed" -- any input on that?  You a reliable source to get a definitive answer.  The key information you need is that the child be professionally evaluated so that they can receive the needed occupational therapy to help with the muscle movement component of dysgraphia. The bulk of dysgraphia, however, is happening in the brain as the child struggles to 1) think of what to express -- hence it may be linked to expressive language delays; 2) think of how to organize the information they choose to write, 3) struggle to remember how to form the letters AND/or spell the words they want to write; and 4) deal with the left-to-right placement of words on each line, AND recall all those rules for mechanics of punctuation and capitalization.  Other than all that, writing should be a snap, right!?😂  Seriously, if you suspect the child has neurologically based dysgraphia (not just fine-motor weaknesses), please get them started on typing and have an OT evaluate --someone who is a specialist in this area.