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Is it necessary to test and keep records for homeschool students?

posted Feb 23, 2017, 9:08 AM by LD Teacher
When browsing thru some Facebook posts this A.M., I came across the following post which I believe highlights one important reason that ALL parents need to do some form of record keeping for their child. Here's one story:

"Sad story:
Our state is very easy. We can go through the county or register with what is called an umbrella school. County - annual testing or portfolio review. Umbrella school - depends on the school, but typically attendance and potentially work samples.

Friend's child decided to try for a competitive public/charter school program. Parent, not even seeing it on their radar, didn't keep detailed records, course path or grading, or tracking of all the curriculum used.

School is requiring records... transcripts, report cards, testing scores... something... to verify that child is able ad ready to handle the advanced classes this competitive program offers. The child will most likely not be accepted because of incomplete record keeping"
In other words, without adequate documentation, parents cannot satisfy requirements for great opportunities for a child or may not be able to satisfy administrators who administer qualifying tests that the student must pass to gain entrance to post-secondary education or jobs! 

The OTHER key reason to keep records is that without good record keeping, it is difficult to determine whether the child has made adequate progress -- so the parent does not really know if what they are doing is working!