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My dyslexic child does not want to try any work I assign him.

posted Mar 1, 2017, 11:12 AM by LD Teacher
Unfortunately, I've seen this over and over during 30 years of working with students who have various kinds of LD. The best reason I can offer is that they would prefer not to try when they are pretty sure that if they DO try, it's going to be a failure. SO...to protect their self-esteem, they simply appear to "give up".The trick is to adjust assignments with tasks that they CAN do - providing just enough support to get them on the success side of things. It's called "Scaffolding" in education jargon - but it's critical to get them through this period of time. Another related situation for these struggling learners is 'learned helplessness" - they have learned to stop trying...again, the answer is to generate tasks in which they can have success. That may mean adding some helpful technology (books that are read aloud, software that allows them to dictate what they want to say instead of using pencil/paper tasks, etc.)