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Should parent seek diagnostic testing for autism from public school?

posted Apr 8, 2017, 7:10 AM by LD Teacher
I understand your caution about working through the public schools -- it is very typical for homeschool families. Let me offer a perspective that may help you decide what to do about getting an evaluation. If your son had puzzling physical symptoms that "might" indicate a certain disorder or disease, would you be content to wonder and see how he progresses (or does not seem to be getting better)? I suspect you would want a specific diagnosis -- and your reasoning would be that without a diagnosis by a well-trained professional, you would not be certain you were providing the most specific and appropriate care! The situation with autism is really very similar. You are not looking for a "label" - you need a complete and thorough diagnosis in order to ensure your plans to help him are right "on point". Having a diagnosis from a professional will also open doors for the intensive therapy that is indicated by his non-verbal status right now. I cannot speak to insurance for such therapy - the whole autism/insurance coverage for therapies seems a mixed bag right now. The public schools can do a comprehensive evaluation that in no way obligates you to use any of their services, speech/language therapies, etc.