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The risks in "comparing" your child with others

posted Jan 28, 2017, 9:15 AM by LD Teacher
Each day, I spend at least an hour browsing through a set of homeschool and special needs Facebook groups. Many mothers are requesting recommendations to help them select which curriculum to use or how to choose the right software or program. The trouble is, the mothers asking seldom give enough information about the child's strengths, weaknesses, or skills levels to allow respondents to give an informed answer. Maybe they give the child's age, but seldom is there enough specific data to allow an informed answer. 
Yes, the parents learn which programs other mothers liked - but there is no way that the mom asking for help knows anything at all about the children who "loved" the program or curriculum being that the responding mother recommends. 
It's like my posting a question asking what the group members' favorite dress designer is!  I would not be asking for that kind of help because no one knows enough about me (my height, weight, coloring, preferences for casual or formal, etc.) to offer information that might help ME make a good choice.
It is not useful to compare what another child prefers for reading, spelling, math, etc. with what could work best for YOUR child.  Read the chapter in my book to learn how to make decisions about what will be a good match for your child's individual needs before you seek input from parents who do not know your child!